Best 10 5W30 Oil Options

5W30 Oil is a multi-grade oil. Multigrade motor oil flows well in cold temperatures and still protects the engine at hotter temps. Oils have high viscosity when cold and a lower viscosity once the engine has reached its operating temperature. This difference is too large for most single-grade oil. In order to bring the difference in viscosities closer together polymer additives are added to the oil. The result is a multi-grade oil.

The first number in your oil (5) is the viscosity grade cold. The second number (30) is what you will have when hot (212 degrees F). A 5W30 Oil must pass the SAE-J300 viscosity grade requirement for both 5W and 30. The W stands for Winter, meaning your oil is good for year round driving.

If you are in the market for a great 5W30 Oil then the list below will help you find the best. Below are the top 10 5W30 oil options as ranked by their PSI strength. The stronger the PSI strength, the better the oil.

Best 5W30 Oil

You’ll be happy to know that the #1 ranked 5W30 oil option is also the #1 best motor oil overall currently.

#1 5W30 Quaker State Full Synthetic, Dexos 1 Gen 2, ILSAC GF-6A, API SP – 152,674 psi

#2 5W30 Amsoil Signature Series, 100% Synthetic – 141,851 psi

#3 5W30 Tribodyn, Synthetic – 135,434 psi

#4 5W30 Renewable Lubricants, Super High Performance Passenger Vehicle, Bio-SynXtra, motor oil – 130,436 psi

#5 5W30 Valvoline Full Synthetic Extended Protection, GM Dexos1-Gen2, ILSAC GF-6A, API SP – 127,227 psi

#6 5W30 Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic, GM Dexos1-Gen2, ILSAC GF-6A, API SP – 125,755 psi

#7 5W30 Mobil 1 Advanced Full Synthetic, GM Dexos1-Gen2, ILSAC GF-6A, API SP – 125,279 psi

#8 5W30 Renewable Lubricants, HD Super High Performance, Bio-SynXtra – 125,250 psi

#9 5W30 Quaker State High Mileage Full Synthetic, ILSAC GF-6A, API SP – 125,083 psi

#10 5W30 Valvoline Full Synthetic High Mileage with MaxLife Technology – 123,470 psi

In Conclusion

All of these 5W30 options are on the top 20 best oils list so they are all great options and easily available. All of these oil options rank from fantastic up to spectacular protection. While a few options can be a little pricey like Amsoil, you can easily get 5 quarts of one of the top options like Valvoline Extended Protection for less than $30. Take a look at them and decide what is best for your application depending on requirements for your vehicle and application.

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