Oil Filter Cross Reference

Oil Filter Cross Reference

Looking for a great oil filter cross reference tool? Do you want to find out which oil filter you can use in place of the one your currently using? Then your in the right place!

An oil filter cross reference is basically that huge book hanging in front of the shelves of oil filters at your local auto parts store or discount big box store. Okay, maybe we’re showing our age with that comment. Anymore today, most of those books have been replaced by a little tablet or LCD screen mounted in front of the filters.

You can find similar websites to cross check your filters online before you even go to the store or order online. While most cross reference sites will be specific to a brand, like FRAM or K&N, there are a few that search all available oil filters supposedly.

Here are some great sites for conducting oil filter cross references.

Oil Filter Cross Reference Sites

Believe it or not, Amazon is pretty useful in showing you an accurate list of all the parts that will fit your vehicle. Just visit Your Garage on Amazon’s site and enter the details for your vehicle. We tested searching for an oil filter for a 2019 Chevrolet Silverado. Amazon showed both a K&N HP-2011 oil filter and a FRAM XG10575 would fit our truck. K&N’s website also showed that the HP-2011 was a compatible replacement for the FRAM filter. However, when we just conducted a parts search for our truck on K&N’s website, they actually suggested a HP-2012 oil filter. Amazon says that filter also fits. So what’s the difference? Amazon leaves that to you to figure out.

While multiple filters may fit your vehicle, you need to figure out which one you need for your vehicle to ensure adequate oil filtering. That’s where doing a parts search on the oil filter manufacturer site (see below) should help you find what you need.

You can have multiple vehicles in your Amazon
Garage and switch between them as needed.

Search using National Auto Parts Chains

A second option is using one of the national auto parts stores like O’Reilly Auto Parts, Autozone, Advance Auto Parts, or NAPA and enter your vehicle details there to see the different parts they have that fit your vehicle.

We also found a website called Oilfilter-Crossreference. The site allows you to enter a part number of an oil filter and then it searches for other filters that are compatible. It is unknown how they get all their data to be able to cross reference all the filters of all the brands. During our testing, the oil filters they suggested for one brand did indeed fit the vehicle we were searching for. We do feel that some of the search results can be difficult to find amongst an abundance of product ads.

Once you have used one of those sites to see which other oil filters fit your vehicle, we suggest using the parts check feature on that manufacturer’s website to do a double check and ensure it is one they reccomend.

Manufacturer Parts Check





Mobil 1

Omnicraft (Ford/Motorcraft)


Royal Purple


Are we missing a manufacturer parts check link? Let us know.


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