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Through our research we have found some very passionate people out there when it comes to testing the best motor oil. Individuals have sent off new and used oil for lab tests and have conducted their own tests.  Most of this data is hidden away in various forums for racing or specific car enthusiasts. A single post about oil on a corvette forum isn’t going to found when your searching for the best motor oil on Google.

Here we will list our findings for the top 10 best motor oils.

This list will contain both synthetic and conventional oils just to show how they rank among each other. If you would like to see more than just the top 10 motor oils you can choose from multiple list options at the end of the top 10 review. Such as the best synthetic oil, best 5W30 oil, best racing oil, and so on.

Credit for these test results go out to someone who goes by “540 Rat” over on the SpeedTalk forums. His data has been validated and backed up by four other independent industry sources. So you can have some faith in this list.

The best motor oil results below will be ranked by their PSI rating. The higher the PSI result the better the oil is at preventing wear. We will also list the Zinc, Phosphate and Molybdenum ppm (parts per million) level for each oil. All of these are anti-wear additives. Not all of these oils may be suitable for street use. Some are meant for racing use only.

#10 – 5W30 Oil Extreme Motor Oil

API SM, Synthetic – 110,286 PSI
Zinc: 765 ppm Phos: 624 ppm Moly: 52 ppm Calcium: 7,652 ppm TBN: 23.2

5w30 Oil Extreme Motor Oil

#9 – 5W30 Mag 1, FMX, European Formula

API SM, ACEA C3-08, Synthetic – 111,622 PSI
Zinc: N/A Phos: N/A Moly: N/A
Tested Spring 2016

5W30 Mag 1, FMX, European Formula 5W30 Mag 1, FMX, European Formula
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#8 – 5W30 Motul 300V Ester Core 4T Racing Oil

Synthetic – 112,464 PSI
Zinc: 1724 ppm Phos: 1547 ppm Moly: 481 ppm Calcium: 3141 ppm TBN: 7.4
Tested Spring 2014

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