Best Racing Oil

The best racing oil and street oil are very different from each other. The key differences lie in the base oil chemistry and the additives added to the oil. These additives contribute all sorts of lubrication efficiency and protection when it comes to friction reduction, anti-wear, and corrosion resistance.

The additives in these oils are focused on providing the most performance and protection. They utilize a lot of the same additives as normal street oils, just much higher concentrations. The best racing oils are developed with no regard to emission equipment as well.

Here are the top ten best racing oils, ranked by PSI strength. The higher the PSI strength the better the oil is at preventing wear. Oils within 10% of each other can be considered approximately equivalent. All of these oils are tested at 230 degrees Fahrenheit. Multiple tests are conducted. Finally, all oil bottles were shaken before samples were taken. This helps to ensure additives are properly mixed in with the oil and not settled at the bottom of the container.

Independent Oil Testing

All of the testing to determine this list is done by an independent individual that has no ties, no interest, and nothing to gain from publishing such a list. They are just a gear head that loves to test various motor oils and publish the data to provide anyone else with the information. For even more details and information be sure to check out his site. He has tested well over 230 oils, so we have combed through the hundreds of pages and created a simple list for your reference. To meet our criteria for the best racing oil, it needed to be labeled in some manner as “Racing Oil” and be easily obtainable.

Best Motor Oils Ranking Chart

To give you an idea of the test results that can be expected here is the ranking chart that is used.

Over 150,000 psi = SPECTACULAR wear protection
135,000 psi to 150,000 psi = AMAZING wear protection
120,000 psi to 135,000 psi = FANTASTIC wear protection
105,000 to 120,000 psi = INCREDIBLE wear protection
90,000 to 105,000 psi = OUTSTANDING wear protection
75,000 to 90,000 psi = GOOD wear protection
60,000 to 75,000 psi = MODERATE wear protection
50,000 to 60,000 psi = UNDESIRABLE LOW wear protection
Below 50,000 psi = CAUTION – EXTREMELY LOW wear protection

Best Racing Oil – Top 10

#1 5W30 Motul 300V Ester Core 4T Racing Oil, Synthetic – 112,464 psi

#2 10W30 Lucas Racing Only, Synthetic – 106,505 psi

#3 CFS 0W30 NT Millers Nanodrive Motorsport Oil, API SM Synthetic – 105,907 psi

#4 5W30 Joe Gibbs Driven LS30 Performance Motor Oil, Synthetic – 104,487 psi

#5 10W30 Valvoline VR1 Conventional Racing Oil (Silver Bottle) – 103,505 psi

#6 10W30 Valvoline VR1 Synthetic Racing Oil, API SL (Black Bottle) – 101,139 psi

#7 10W30 ZMax Racing Oil, Synthetic (For Racing Engines Only) – 98,813 psi

#8 20W50 Valvoline VR1 Racing Oil, Conventional – 97,677 psi

#9 10W30 Amsoil Dominator Racing Oil, Synthetic – 97,118 psi

#10 30 wt Red Line Race Oil, Synthetic = 96,470 psi

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