Best Racing Oil

The best racing oil and street oil are very different from each other. The key differences lie in the base oil chemistry and the additives added to the oil. These additives contribute all sorts of lubrication efficiency and protection when it comes to friction reduction, anti-wear, and corrosion resistance.

The additives in racing oil are focused on providing the most performance and protection. They utilize a lot of the same additives as normal street oils, just much higher concentrations. The best racing oils are developed with no regard to emission equipment as well.

Here is the list of best racing oil ranked by PSI strength. The higher the PSI strength the better the oil is at preventing wear. Oils within 10% of each other can be considered approximately equivalent. All of these racing oils were tested at 230 degrees Fahrenheit. Multiple tests were conducted. All oil bottles were shaken before samples were taken.

The list will be broken down into five distinct categories based on the PSI strength. The best racing oil with over 105,000 PSI have incredible protection. Oils between 90,000 and 105,000 have outstanding protection. Oils between 75,000 and 90,000 PSI have good protection. Oils between 60,000 and 75,000 have modest protection. And racing oil below 60,000 PSI possess undesirable protection. Most racing oil is not suitable for long term street use. This list could also be referred to as a high zinc oil list as that is one of the key additives we all look at.

Best Racing Oil

Incredible Protection (The Best Racing Oil Available)

5W30 Motul 300V Ester Core 4T Racing Oil, Synthetic – 112,464 PSI
Zinc: 1724 ppm Phos: 1547 ppm Moly: 481 ppm Calcium: 3141 ppm TBN: 7.4
Tested Spring 2014
10W30 Lucas Racing Only – 106,505 PSI
Zinc: 2642 ppm Phos: 3489 ppm Moly: 1764 ppm Calcium: 2929 ppm TBN: 9.0
Not suitable for street use.
CFS 0W30 NT Millers Nanodrive Racing Oil, API SM synthetic – 105,907 PSI
Zinc: N/A Phos: N/A Moly: N/A
Tested Fall 2013

Outstanding Protection (includes our choice for best racing oil)

10W30 Valvoline NSL (Not Street Legal) Conventional Racing Oil – 103,846 PSI
Zinc: 1669 ppm Phos: 1518 ppm Moly: 784 ppm Calcium: 1607 ppm TBN: 4.4
This oil has been discontinued.
#5 (Our Choice for best racing oil)
10W30 Valvoline VR1 Conventional Racing Oil (Silver Bottle) – 103,505 PSI
Zinc: 1472 ppm Phos: 1544 ppm Moly: 3 ppm Calcium: 2707 ppm TBN: 7.6

best racing oil




10W30 Valvoline VR1 Synthetic Racing Oil, API SL (Black Bottle) – 101,139 PSI
Zinc:1180 ppm Phos:1112 ppm Moly: 162 ppm Calcium: 2664 ppm TBN: 7.4
10W30 Amsoil Dominator Racing Oil, Synthetic – 97,118 PSI
Zinc: 1613 ppm Phos: 1394 ppm Moly: 0 ppm
30 wt Red Line Race Oil – 96,470 PSI
Zinc: 2207 ppm Phos: 2052 ppm Moly: 1235 ppm
Not suitable for street use.
10W30 Joe Gibbs XP3 NASCAR Racing Oil – 95,543 PSI
Zinc: 743 ppm Phos: 802 ppm Moly: 1125 ppm
Not suitable for street use.
10W40 Mobil 1 Racing 4T, Four Stroke Motorcycle Oil, Synthetic – 93,661 PSI
Zinc: N/A Phos: N/A Moly: N/A
Claims to meet or exceed API SN.
5W40 High Performance Lubricants Racing Oil, Synthetic – 92,693 PSI
Zinc: N/A Phos: N/A Moly: N/A
Tested Summer 2016.
5W30 Maxima RS530 Synthetic Racing Oil – 91,162 PSI
Zinc: 2162 ppm Phos: 2294 ppm Moly: 181 ppm

Good Protection

5W30 Penrite 10 Tenths Racing 5, Synthetic – 88,992 PSI
Zinc: N/A Phos: N/A Moly: N/A
20W50 LAT Synthetic Racing Oil, API SM – 87,930 PSI
Zinc: N/A Phos: N/A Moly: N/A
5W30 LAT Synthetic Racing Oil, API SM – 81,800 PSI
Zinc: 1784 ppm Phos: 1539 ppm Moly: 598 ppm
20W50 Resolute Racing Oil, API SN, Conventional – 77,554 PSI
Zinc: N/A Phos: N/A Moly: N/A
10W30 Renegade Pro Series Racing Oil, Synthetic Blend – 77,136 PSI
Zinc: N/A (Bottle claims over 3000 ppm) Phos: N/A Moly: N/A

Modest Protection

5W30 Royal Purple XPR (Extreme Performance Racing) – 74,860 PSI
Zinc: 1421 ppm Phos: 1338 ppm Moly: 204 ppm
0W50 Mobil 1 Racing Oil – 73,811 PSI
Zinc: 1676 ppm Phos: 1637 ppm Moly: 1263 ppm
Onset of thermal breakdown – 270*F
Brad Penn, Penn Grade 1 Nitro 70 Racing Oil (Semi-Synthetic) – 72,003 PSI
Zinc: N/A Phos: N/A Moly: N/A
0W30 Mobil 1 Racing Oil – 71,923 PSI
Zinc: 1693 ppm Phos: 1667 ppm Moly: 1326 ppm
Onset of thermal breakdown – 280*F
10W30 Champion Racing Oil, Synthetic Blend – 67,239 PSI
Zinc: N/A Phos: N/A Moly: N/A
5W30 Klotz Estorlin Racing Oil, API SL, synthetic – 64,175 PSI
Zinc: 1765 ppm Phos: 2468 ppm Moly: 339 ppm
0W20 Klotz Estorlin Racing Oil, API SL, Synthetic – 60,941 PSI
Zinc: N/A Phos: N/A Moly: N/A

Undesirable Protection (NOT The Best Racing Oil!)

10W40 Torco TR-1 Racing Oil with MPZ, Conventional – 59,905 PSI
Zinc: 1456 ppm Phos: 1150 ppm Moly: 227 ppm
10W40 Summit Racing Premium Racing Oil, API SL – 59,483 PSI
Made for Summit by I.L.C.
Zinc: 1764 ppm Phos: 1974 ppm Moly: 41 ppm
Discontinued Spring 2013.
0W20 LAT Synthetic Racing Oil, API SM – 57,228 PSI
Zinc: N/A Phos: N/A Moly: N/A
0W Mobil 1 Racing Oil – 55,080 PSI
Zinc: 1952 ppm Phos: 1671 ppm Moly: 1743 ppm
Onset of thermal breakdown – 210*F, which was confirmed by repeated tests. This oil is STARTING TO FAIL even before getting hot enough to quickly boil off normal water condensation. And this is on top of its very poor wear protection capability.
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