K&N Oil Filter

K&N oil filters are engineered to the same exact standards as their world famous high flow air filters. At least this is what K&N tells us on their website. K&N offers two models of oil filters. The Performance Silver and Performance Gold, with the latter being the premium filter offering. It is hard to say for sure as K&N doesn’t provide many details on their website. No filtration percentages as to how much dirt is being filtered, no expectations of how many miles the filter is good for. When compared to most of the other oil filter brands available, you’re really in the dark on a lot of details when it comes to K&N oil filters.

Gold VS. Silver

Let’s take a look at the details for the two oil filters K&N offers. K&N states their oil filters are designed to to meet or exceed OEM requirements and offer a 1 year limited warranty on them.

K&N Performance Gold

  • Premium Synthetic Blend Filter Media
  • A heavy-duty canister and base plate with double-rolled seal help provide outstanding durability and long-life performance.
  • Wrench-off Design – A durable one-inch nut is welded to the top of the canister for easy removal using a standard wrench or socket.
  • The nut is pre-drilled for safety wire attachment in racing or extreme conditions.
  • Compatible with synthetic, conventional, and blended motor oils.

K&N Performance Silver

  • Pleated High Flow Filter Media
  • Fluted Canister – Designed for easy installation and removal with a traditional oil filter wrench.
  • Compatible with synthetic, conventional, and blended motor oils.
  • Available for both canister and cartridge filter applications.

K&N Oil Filter Conclusion

Lots of people seem to love them for the welded nut that makes removal a breeze. If your installing them hand tight as you should to begin with, you shouldn’t need the nut to remove them in the end. As far as K&N oil filter efficiency, we would like to see some actual filtration test results. Without those, we’ll stick with one of the many other oil filters on the market today that share that data with their customers.

In conclusion, one thing that we see occasionally that always sends up warning flags to us. FAQ questions that never really get answered. K&N does this twice in the oil filter FAQ section on their website. When asked what the efficiency rating is, all they respond with is that “each filter is designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications for efficiency.” When asked how many miles can their oil filters be used, they respond with “K&N oil filters are designed to withstand the longer service intervals that some vehicle manufacturers now recommend.” While they gave an answer to the question, they really didn’t answer the question now did they?


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