K&N Oil Filter

K&N is better known for their washable performance air filters than their oil filters. A K&N oil filter is engineered to handle all grades of synthetic, conventional and blended motor oils. Providing high flow rates and outstanding filtration.

K&N Oil Filter Claims

K&N Engineering claim their oil filters offer outstanding filtration, high oil flow rate, heavy duty constructions and that they trap 99% of harmful contaminants. Although we could not find what micron size the 99% rating was for.

Available for most cars, trucks and motorcycles. K&N offers a few different oil filter types. The K&N Premium Wrench-Off Oil Filter and their Pro Series Canister Oil Filter.

Premium VS. Pro Series

K&N Premium Wrench-Off Oil FiltersK&N Pro Series Canister Oil Filters
High flow rateHigh-Flow/Low Restriction Design
Rolled ThreadsRolled Threads
Pre-drilled Safety Ware AttachmentFluted Shape for Traditional Oil Filter Wrenches
Anti-Drainback valve (where applicable)Anti-Drainback valve (where applicable)
Nut for Fast & Easy Wrench-Off RemovalPSI Relief Valves (where applicable)
Superior Filter Media cleans 99% of damaging contaminants
Heavy Duty Housing for Racing & Extreme Conditions

K&N offers a limited warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship when following the recommended service interval of our vehicle. K&N actually offers reusable billet aluminum oil filters if your looking to dress up your show car engine. Although they don’t advertise any filtration efficiency at all for them.

If your vehicle application calls for a cartridge oil filter, K&N offers those as well. Providing high flow rates and superior oil filtration. Trapping 99% of harmful contaminants. But once again, not letting us know what particle size that efficiency rating is for.

K&N also offers their Wrench-Off oil filters for diesel applications. These filters  have been designed for the higher compression levels and tighter tolerances of of diesel engines.

K&N Oil Filter Conclusion

We have read that K&N Oil Filters were outsourced to a Korean manufacturer a couple years ago. The overall quality is not like it used to be. We’re not sure if this foreign manufacture is producing all of K&N’s various oil filters or just specific models.

Yes, the nut welded on the end is convenient and makes removal much easier, but the overall sacrifice in quality may not be worth it? Do you use a K&N Oil Filter? Then tell us what you think about them.

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