K&N Oil Filter

K&N is better known for their washable performance air filters than their oil filters. A K&N oil filter is engineered to handle all grades of synthetic, conventional and blended motor oils. Providing high flow rates and outstanding filtration. K&N Oil Filter Claims K&N Engineering claim their oil filters offer outstanding filtration, high oil flow rate, heavy duty constructions and that they trap 99% of harmful contaminants. Although we could not find what micron size the 99% rating was for. Available for most cars, trucks and motorcycles. K&N offers a few…

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Best Oil Filter Study

Best Oil Filter

No oil filter is perfect. Everyone will need to determine which one is worthy of being called┬áthe best oil filter. Your best oil filter, may differ from others. That’s fine, the vehicle you drive may not be the same as others. Different vehicles have different needs. People make decisions differently than others. If we choose our best oil filter as an educated consumer, we will┬ábe satisfied with the end results. All oil filters have to pass Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) tests proving that they can filter out particles of…

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